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When you travel on a tour arranged by Five Star Israel, you are getting a custom-designed itinerary that takes advantage of our relationships all around the country.  We have lived, taught, traveled, and led tours throughout Israel, which means we have the expertise to tailor a trip to your needs — whether you want to travel by yourself,  as a couple, with an extended family group, or with friends. Embark on a romantic honeymoon or anniversary, experience a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at a meaningful time in your life, or go on an adventurous exploration of places the average visitor rarely sees.


​Five Star Israel is not a tourist office that offers trips all over the world. We arrange only tours in Israel. The result — we have an intimate awareness of all the sites and activities available. We can create a unique tour suited to your interests.

Want some suggestions? How about skydiving near the Dead Sea close to Masada. Snorkeling or snuba (a combination of scuba and snorkeling) diving in the Red Sea? A three day bicycle ride from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. A camel trek in the desert. Rappelling a cliff in the upper Galilee. How about a day tour into Jordan to see Petra?

Or if you enjoy meeting people, we can arrange an encounter with a Druze family in their village. How about Shabbat dinner with an observant family in Jerusalem. Or a kibbutznik in his environment. Do you have family you wish to visit?


Though it seems obvious to locals who have long recognized the unique and diverse cuisines that come together across Israel, visitors are amazed by the breadth of dishes served. As examples: One restaurant outside of Safed has a menu built around the produce from a local organic farm, while another in Petah Tikva includes a brewing facility, lending to its industrial, funky vibe. Including both kosher and non-kosher, haute cuisine and homey fare, American favorites and classic French dishes, chic nightlife and family-style dining, and, of course, traditional Middle Eastern dishes, you will find that Israeli restaurants have something to offer every diner.


You’ll travel from place to place in an air-conditioned car, limousine or mini-bus dependent on the size of your group. Our top-rated guides’ presentation of the history is so real, you will feel as though you are experiencing the events as they happened. Your private guide will spend time only with you and the people with whom you are traveling. This is your tour so you can travel at your pace, adding in stops that catch your eye, or linger at a location that intrigues you.


LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATIONS For many visitors, the key to a wonderful experience is in the accommodations. We only secure luxury rooms in the finest hotels. Our staff have inspected each hotel to ensure you will be delighted with the establishment’s service, convenience, and comfort. Hotels must have, at a minimum, 24-hour room service, free high-speed internet (wi-fi), laundry service, pool, and concierge service.


By the sea


Morning Sunrise

Galili mountains

Nimrod Fortress


Bar/Bat mitzva in Jerusalem


As the birthplace of three of the world's important religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity — Israel has been a pilgrimage site for millennia. Discover for yourself Israel's larger-than-life historic sites and incredible beauty.


For a romantic honeymoon, anniversary or simply to pamper your loved one, take a Five Star Israel trip with the finest accommodations.


Pack your bags and take your family on a journey planned to satisfy adventurers of ALL ages. Schedule your departure to coincide with school breaks. Share the gift of Israel with the entire family.


We provide you with a comfortable, air-conditioned car, limousine or van, dependent on the size of your group. We also make sure you have water and snacks available on your vehicle at all times. We also provide you with a cell phone.


Five Star will make your reservations at the best and most exclusive restaurants that Israel has to offer. You will find a broad variety of cuisine throughout the country and we will present you with menus that allow you to dine to suit your tastes.


You have telephone and email access to our dedicated team of customer service professionals. In the rare event something does not go as planned, your dedicated guide will work with you to find an acceptable solution. You can also reach the main offices in Israel by phone 24 hours a day.


Make your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah something extraordinary by celebrating it in Israel. Our Rabbi and song-leader will lead a most meaningful service overlooking Jerusalem of old and of new. So many adults never had the opportunity to observe their own Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Since you are never too old to take joy in this singular experience, plan one for yourself!


Benefit from our top-rated local tour guide’s knowledge. Access intriguing and intimate out-of-the-way spots that have rarely been seen on a bus tour. Tour guides must be licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. To become a licensed guide requires taking a 2-year in-depth course and passing the Ministry of Tourism exams, taking periodic refresher courses. To that we add our own requirements: Excellent reviews by our other clients, our in-country staff evaluations, and outstanding language skills. Your program will be thoroughly reviewed by the office staff and the guide.


Arrive in Israel in style, be greeted by our ‘people mover,’ then driven to Passport Control where your own ‘private’ officer will validate your documents— no standing in line! Once completed, and with your luggage loaded on your tour vehicle, we whisk you away to your hotel to settle in. 

At the end of your journey, we accompany you back to Ben Gurion International Airport to assist you with checking in and customs.

We are with you from the start to the finish and everything in between.



Unlike other Israel tour companies, we do not give you an ‘off the shelf’ tour. The trip you will take will be unique to you and your group.

Our first step after you contact Five Star Israel, is for us to interview you.  We work with you to determine where your interests lie.  We’ll need to know the time of year you wish to travel and if there are special holidays you’d like to experience in Israel — such as Hanukkah or Sukkot — or family and friends you wish to visit.  Within those parameters we’ll also need to know how many days you wish to spend in Israel. Based upon years of expertise we’ll offer suggestions to you to enhance the tour. With your participation, our staff will be able to design  a tour of Israel that is customized for YOU!

Before anything is booked, we send your  ‘made-to-order’ program to you; then we go through it together to make certain we are including activities and sites that appeal to you. We make changes and/or deletions with your input. It is only after we go through this process do we finalize your trip.

Five Star Israel does all it can to make certain that your trip is all you hope it would be… and more.


Ben Gurion International Airport regularly ranks tops among 40 European airports and is considered to be a very customer-friendly airport. It serves over 14 million international passengers annually.

Some people prefer to make their own flight arrangement, however if you want us to arrange for your flights, we can easily do so—first class, business class, or tourist.

 If you do make your own arrangements, please share them with us. Upon arrival in Israel, you can take a ‘people mover’ to Passport Control where your own ‘private’ officer will validate your documents— no standing in line!  

Once completed, and with your luggage loaded on your tour vehicle, we whisk you away to your hotel to settle in.

When it is time to depart Israel, we will take you to the airport and guide you through check-in and customs.


Nothing is more important to us at Five Star Israel than your safety and well-being. During your tour, each day the guide will check in with the office to make certain the authorities have re-approved the routes to be traveled and the sites to be visited for each day. If any issues do arise, your personal guide will consult with you to determine acceptable changes.

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